Dallas Housing Market Today

Here's the latest news about the Dallas real estate market. Every quarter we update this page with the most recent real estate data from out local MLS (NTREIS: North Texas Real Estate Information Systems). Let us know if you have a house to sell or if you are moving to the Dallas area. We specialize in local housing market data.

Check out our Dallas zip code map below to see how your area performed in the 1st quarter 2023 compared to 1st quarter 2022. Zoom in and click on any zip code to see the most important real estate metrics.

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The Current State of the Housing Market in Dallas TX

Updated April 10, 2023

Average Sales Price:

+2.9% Quarter over Quarter Increase
Average Sales Price in 1st Qtr 2022: $457,001

Median Sales Price: $340,000
Flat Quarter over Quarter Median Sales Price in 1st Quarter 2022: $341,000
Summary: The median home sales price is the most commonly used sales price metric of homes sold in Dallas county and the surrounding metroplex. The average sales price is the combined average of all sold properties in Dallas county and the metroplex for the same period. Although the average sales price has increased steadily the median sales price has flattened out. Both will be affected by interest rate increases which started in mid March of 2022.

Months of Inventory (Absorption Rate) in Dallas TX


Summary: Whether it's called Months of Inventory, Absorption Rate, or Months Supply they are all one in the same. This is a very important ratio in real estate that measures how fast or how slow real estate is moving anywhere at any one time. The currents months supply in Dallas in the 1st quarter of 2023 is a very low 1.8 months.

In the 1st quarter of 2022 the months of inventory was and extremely  low 0.9 months. Although it has doubled year over year homes are still moving very fast leaning heavily into Sellers Market territory.

Calculation: If you have 9 homes on currentyly on the market for sale (FS) and 5 homes sold (HS), you can expect all 9 of those homes currently on the market for sale to sell in 1.8 months.

FS / HS = Months of Inventory

Rule of Thumb: 1-4 months of inventory is seen as a Sellers Market, 5-7 months of inventory is seen as a Buyers Market, 7 months of inventory or more is seen as a stagnate market.

Homes Sold: 4,393
-22.1% Quarter over Quarter decrease Homes sold 1st Quarter 2022: 5,637

Days On Market: 43

+18 more days on market increase Quarter over Quarter
Average days on market 1st Quarter 2022: 25 Days