Which Areas in Dallas Have Appreciated the Most in the Last 5 Years?

Posted by Winston Bowdre


Dallas county has experienced positive appreciation in our local real estate market within the last 5 years. Some areas have appreciated more than others. This article is to inform you of which areas have experienced the highest rate of appreciation. This data was compiled from our Multiple Listing Service (MLS) through the North Texas Real Estate Information System. Here's a look at the last 10 years of sales for Dallas county.
Notice the stagnant slope in the median home value between 2010 and 2011. That's when our national housing market flatlined during the great recession. Notice how we have appreciated every year since 2011. In 2012, we increased 12% coming out of the recession. This is the reason we decided to go 10 years back in our research to give perspective .

What Does All This Information Mean?

There are only two main points of interest that we find the most relevant in all of this information. We have many personal opinions about this information, but for this article we will just stay with the basic facts:
1. The zip codes with the most expensive neighborhoods were typically near the middle bottom of the appreciation list.
2. Many of the zip codes south of downtown Dallas seem to have appreciated the most .
This means that a person who invested money in residential real estate south of downtown (south Dallas and Oak Cliff) in 2013 would have experienced a much better appreciation rate than someone who invested in the areas north and east of downtown Dallas. However, all zip codes in the city of Dallas experienced tremendous appreciation since 2013 to 2020. A tremendous housing bull market for seven years straight This should come as no surprise to many of the local seasoned Realtors. Dallas has been in the top 5 real estate markets nationwide during this time frame.

Is the Dallas Real Estate Market Expected to Continue These Trends?

This is the million dollar question. The real answer is no one really knows. This data is provided as a point of reference to reflect on, but not as a guarantee of what's to come in the future. Many real estate prognosticators are predicting another real estate market crash sometime within the next year or two, which would definitely change the outcome of appreciation rates. If that does happen, you can be sure that we will be publishing a depreciation map to help you keep track of the changes
This data does not guarantee that you can invest in real estate south of downtown and do better than you would in any of the lower appreciating areas of Dallas. This is general information over every home sold within our local MLS. Within every area, there are always specific deals that do not conform to these averages. We advise you to work with a realtor® who knows the market well and can help you navigate each area and property efficiently to ensure that you make the best decisions.